leanne-anchoredHello! I’m Leanne.

I’m a married mother of 5 and I am excited to share my thoughts and ideas with you while providing entertaining stories from our wild life!  I look forward to sharing our story, straight from my heart! From our fun adventures and hilarious moments, to recipes, creative concepts and more!  As our family motto goes – there’s never a dull moment! We may lose an item or two while we are out and about (more about how we managed to lose our stroller in a later post) but we figure as long as we don’t lose a kid we are doing alright.

Our Family
Photo Cred. Heart to Heart Photography

In the beginning
Born in Germany and raised in Canada by my incredible, single mom, my brother and I had a great childhood.  I grew up dancing and exploring my creative side through writing and drawing.Baby Lea

I developed a strong love for music and according to my Grade 8 yearbook: I was an aspiring writer for the music industry.  As I entered my teenage years, I became heavily involved in the music scene and spent much of my time drowning myself in the latest music videos, band info, concert updates and tunes.  To say music was my life would be an understatement!

A Road to Nowhere
Although I was accepted into journalism, computers won me over and I chose to study Multimedia Design Technical Production (thank goodness, since this is where my husband and I met!).  I continued writing concert/music reviews and via LiveJournal (remember that platform?!) until one day I simply became too busy and gave it up.  I was living the “good” life of drinking, drugs and good ‘ol rock n roll.  I was bitter, had a hard heart and truly despised people.  I lived in anticipation of the next gig and was getting by in life without any goals or dreams.

A New Life
I struggled with managing my stress level and while working in a toxic environment, I was hospitalized and on percocets to numb my stomach pain.  It was in that workplace I became friends with a coworker who invited me to a Women’s Meeting at her church.  God got a hold of me and completely changed my life.  He opened my heart, gave me hope, freedom and has abundantly blessed my life in SO many ways.  I am excited to get up each day! I am anchored in His love.

Wedding Day
Photo Cred. Ever Images

My Loves
In 2008, I married my best friend and soul mate.









In 2009, I gave birth to our oldest daughter, A.

In 2011, we were blessed with mono-mono twin girls, V & F.









And in 2013, our baby boy, G, was born

Our last baby, T, was born in 2016.


Today I am a stay-at-home mom following a desire that runs deep in my heart.  I am reigniting the flame I once had for writing and hope that you will enjoy this journey with me! Anchored by love is the story of my heart.

THIS is our story – real people, living everyday life

 “For where your treasure is,
there your heart will be also.”
(Matt 6:21)

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