It was a rainy afternoon and we piled into our mini van and headed off to see the Bubble Guppies live on stage.  The kids were filled with excitement…and to be honest, so were my husband and I!

Who doesn’t love a great, family day? Or a great Bubble Guppies song? 😉

We were all belting out tunes from the Rio Soundtrack while waiting for the light to turn green…when BAM…it sounded like we were hit by a tanker.

That afternoon I learned what it felt like to be completely anchored.

Completely Anchored

It took a moment to register.  We were just hit!!  Every mother’s worst nightmare, just became a reality for me.  I quickly turned around to see if the kids were okay.  I saw my four, precious children safe in their seats, looking back at me.  We were all shaken but so very thankful no one was injured.

For years, I worked in the auto-sector – processing rehabilitation reports for clients who had been involved in auto collisions.  While I loved my job, it definitely created a strong fear of driving in me.  I’ve always feared other drivers and while this collision could’ve confirmed that fear and made it worse, it showed me the exact opposite.

I experienced God’s loving, protection in a new way!  He showed me how much He loves my children and He revealed His miraculous strength by anchoring our van in place.  We were hit pretty hard, causing $2000 in damages but we were able to drive our van away safely.  I experienced what it’s like to truly know God as my protector and I am completely anchored in His love!

As we drove away, my oldest daughter, A, asked us to pray for the other driver and give thanks to the Lord and that’s exactly what we did!

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