September is the perfect time to re-evaluate goals, tighten schedules, reassess chore charts and start new routines.  I love implementing fun, new activities with my kids.  I recently stumbled upon this wonderful blog and discovered some great ideas that the kids are absolutely loving!  Below are two simple yet powerful projects we started this month.  Thanks to Amanda for the inspired creations!

Inspired Creations

  1.  Journals
    I purchased some discounted back-to-school notebooks (our books were $0.74 at Target) for each of kids to use as their very own journal.  I love ‘journal-ing’, why not instil that passion in them?  They were so excited to have a special book of their own.  One evening after dinner they personalized their journal covers with stickers and filled in their first page with a self-portrait and their name.  We have journal time after dinner each evening and the kids draw a picture about their day and/or the weather, a memory they have or something they’re thankful for.  Sometimes we have themed ideas or just whatever is on their heart that day.  They are having so much fun with it and it’s made cleaning up after dinner much smoother 😉Inspired Creations - journals DSC_0309
  2. Caught ya!
    Another idea inspired by Amanda that I was excited to begin was a positive reinforcement game called “Caught ya”.  It’s super easy and the kids have taken a huge interest in it!  I bought a bug catcher (there are still some seasonal clearance items lingering in the stores…I purchased mine at Dollarama for $1.50) and told them when I catch them doing a good job, they get a caught-ya-card to put in the bug catcher.  My kids like the idea of a “ticket” – it makes it extra special, so we called them tickets.  I designed a style for each of them and told them we will count how many they earned at the end of the week.  It has been awesome watching them help, share and respect one another while truly thinking about their actions.  Send me an email if you’d like a free printable.Inspired Creations - Caught Ya
  3. Truth in the Tinsel
    Last but not least, with Christmas quickly approaching, I’ve started planning our daily advent activities for the month of December.  This year I am excited to try something new!  We are doing Amanda’s Truth in the Tinsel.  24 days of scripture reading and corresponding crafts.  I’d love to plan a Truth in the Tinsel Swap – a group of 24 meet to swap the craft supplies needed for the month.  Each one of us will bring the craft supplies needed for one of the 24 days and enough for 23 others.  Please message me if this is something you’d be interested in.

I hope these ideas inspire you as they have me 🙂

6 thoughts on “Inspired Creations”

  1. Leanne: Your bug catchers are SO cute!! Thanks for all the sweet linky love. I love how you’re being so purposeful w/your kids!


    ps–can’t wait to hear how you like Truth in the Tinsel–especially if you do a swap! 😉

    1. Oh Amanda!! Thank YOU for taking the time to pop by and leave a comment. I am so grateful I stumbled upon your blog one day while searching for advent activities. I have also started your scripture memorization with my kids and they’ve nailed letter A!! Thanks again. Blessings xo

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