My oldest daughter just celebrated her fifth birthday.  She was especially excited as this was her first birthday party with her friends!  As per her request, we had a Rapunzel Tangled Party!

Rapunzel Tangled Party

Thanks to Pinterest, we had a lot of fun planning A’s Rapunzel Tangled Party.  The weather was awesome and A and her guests enjoyed an outdoor party!
Backyard Rapunzel Party

Rapunzel Hair

What’s a Rapunzel Tangled Party without lovely, long locks?  Of course we had to have some hair for each of the girls to wear.  Using this as a guide, we measured out 60 strands of wool at 80″ each and secured them together at the top with a piece of wool.  Divided into three 20 strand sections, we added two pieces of ribbon and loosely braided the “hair”.  Afterwards, we measured 21″ and rounded the top to form a crown to fit over the girls heads.  Keep in mind, the wool will stretch.  We tied on some bows and used hot glue to attach the flowers.  The hair was a hit and definitely the highlight of the party!  Thanks to my mom for helping me complete this task.

Backyard Rapunzel Party Set up
I purchased most of the décor at the dollar store: hanging lanterns, flowers, table cloths, streamers, balloons, paint and canvases.  The Rapunzel Tangled Party décor was on clearance at our local party store and I was able to score these items for 50% off!  The girls’ plates were made to look like frying pans and I achieved this by hot gluing black forks to the bottom of black paper plates.  I also purchased all the supplies (pot, foam, paint, moss, flower) for Rapunzel’s Golden Flower from the dollar store and we used this as the centrepiece.
Rapunzel's Golden Flower

Rapunzel's Golden Flower

I came across a brilliant idea to create Rapunzel’s paint brushes out of Rice Krispie Treats.  The kids devoured these!! There wasn’t one left at the end of the night.

Rapunzel Tangled Party Decor Details

I used this template for the Pascal Party Blowers, this printout for the Flynn Rider Posters and this template for the banner.

Pascal Blowers Pascal BlowersFlynn Rider Posters Rapunzel Sun Banner

 The beautiful tower painting was created by my gifted mother-in-law and I painted Rapunzel’s lantern painting.

Rapunzel Tower Painting Rapunzel Lantern Painting

 Pearls and Spice made the pretty & delicious cake and cookies.

Rapunzel CookiesRapunzel Cake

 The images and fun facts were provided by Hello Kids. And the birthday interview I chose can be found here.

Rapunzel Party - Fun Facts Rapunzel Party - Fun Facts

 The birthday girl in her Rapunzel attire, courtesy of grandma.

Rapunzel Gown Rapunzel Gown Rapunzel Gown

And of course what’s a Rapunzel Tangled Party without Rapunzel herself? Tiara Wishes Entertainment was amazing.  They provided professional, friendly, quality service and Rapunzel was absolutely wonderful with the girls.  She was elegant, engaging, had a beautiful voice and always remained in character!  She was everything you’d expect from a princess.

Rapunzel Tangled Party Rapunzel Tangled Party Rapunzel Tangled Party

Happy 5th Birthday A! Praying all your wishes come true xo

Happy 5th Birthday A

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