Once a month our church has an evening of prayer.  I always love attending these nights.  Not only do we experience his love as His presence fills the room; but it also creates an atmosphere of unity among our members, builds faith and strengthens our church family.  Breakthrough prayer is a powerful evening!

“For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” (Matt 18:20)


After having our twins, our time attending breakthrough prayer became much more difficult.  Thankfully, a wise friend shared with me: even if I am unable to take part in prayer, I am training my children how to behave in the house of the Lord.  That advice was so timely.  It completely changed my thought process and I knew it was something my children and I needed to experience. …Then came baby number four.  I found it hard juggling the kids (literally!) and only attended if my husband was home with them.

Tonight that all changed.

I was tired of missing breakthrough prayer nights. I felt disconnected.  My spirit was hungry for more and my heart longed for that unity.  I want my children to experience these evenings and learn to conduct themselves appropriately.  I rarely let my circumstances affect my actions nor do I allow them to define my character.  So why was I missing out on prayer nights? It was time for a change! Yes I have four young children but I refuse to sit inside and let life pass us by simply because of the challenge involved in doing things.

Hoping not to disrupt others, we carefully chose our seats in the back.  The girls each had a quiet activity and my son was happy with his bottle and toy in hand.  That lasted about five minutes.  The girls were somewhat quiet and well-behaved but tested their boundaries and got into the odd fight with one another.  That’s when the “mom, I have to go potty” whispers started.  With my thirty pound, eleven-month-old son in one arm, we made our way to the washroom only to return to our seats and hear another “potty please mom!”  By this time my baby boy was exhausted.  My attempts to calm his screaming with cuddles, his blanket, milk, singing and a baby carrier were all knocked down.  He wasn’t interested in anything but his bed.

With a heavy sense of defeat, I decided it was time for us to leave.  On my way out a woman whispered, “you are a remarkable lady!”  Feeling like a failure, her words really touched my heart and I could feel my eyes fill with tears.  As we left they made their way down my face and my four-year-old daughter asked why I was crying.  I replied with, “I’m disappointed we have to leave”.  She responded with “no whining” (gee, wonder where she learned that one) and in my poor-me-moment, I was reminded of the tantrum she threw when we had to leave the mall the other day.  I was having the same poor attitude I disciplined her for having…ouch.

Despite leaving early, we received breakthrough tonight!  I learned I can do an evening of prayer on my own with the kids, we are not perfect and that’s okay and my daughter overcame her fear of the “loud” music in the sanctuary!

After I loaded the kids into the van and looked at the clock I noticed it was 8:00 p.m.  We conquered an hour!  Something is better than nothing and I’m okay with that.


4 thoughts on “Breakthrough”

  1. Leanne:

    What a beautiful story…..you are an amazing woman (just like a member of your parish had pointed out) it took your faith to draw you to your class with your children in tow…..and like you said you had made it through an hour. Maybe each time you attend you will be able to enjoy a bit more….thanks for sharing. xo

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. Currently God has been challenging me on how hard I am on myself. Sometimes I will look back over a decision or mistake I made and for hours beat myself up. I think I need to take your daughter’s advice and stop whining! That is one of the best things about spending my days with children … their innocence challenges me. Especially when they ALWAYS ask “why?” 🙂 I look forward to reading your future posts …. and looking in on your older ones that I have not read.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and being so open Valerie! I can totally relate and completely agree with seeing the world through children’s eyes!! 🙂

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