This is an easy, inexpensive craft project that provides endless hours of fun for the family!  The supplies we used to make our animal hats can be found around your home and at your local craft store and you can be as simple or as detailed as you like.  What an easy way for children to keep their hats on in the sun.  I can’t get my girls to take them off! Animal Hats My daughters bought some animal hats at the dollar store one day and after playing with them for a few weeks, A decided she wanted a blue bird hat.  That sounded easy enough, so I picked up some visors for under a dollar at the craft store and a package of foam and feathers, along with some tacky glue.

I started with the orange foam piece to make a beak for A’s blue bird but was quickly corrected.  She told me I needed to use black and after a few minutes of debating whether blue bird should have an orange or black beak, A won the debate when she ran and got her Rio bird from her room.  That’s when I realized this fun, little bird visor was about to get serious.  She wanted one that looked just like Blu from Rio.  Thankfully, her sisters were ok with a basic bird style.  I cut out the foam shapes and the kids squeezed the glue on. DSC_0068 Make Your Own Animal Hats:

What You Need
Foam visor
Foam pieces
Tacky Glue

Cut various shapes out of the foam and glue them any which way on the visor.  Have fun with your creation!  Today the neighbours caught me mid-wing-flap and caw-ing like a bird while chasing my baby birds around the yard!  Enjoy!



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