These inside out peanut butter cups are a guilt-free treat when you’re craving something sweet! They only have 4 ingredients and take just minutes to make.  They are decadent and melt in your mouth!



½ C coconut oil
1/3 C natural peanut butter
¼ C cacao
1 tbsp. agave


1.  Combine ¼ C coconut oil with natural peanut butter over low heat until melted
2.  Pour into lined mini muffin tray*
3.  Place in freezer
4.  Melt remaining ¼ C coconut oil, cacao and agave over low heat
5.  Remove tray from freezer and pour chocolate on top and return to freezer
6.  Once frozen…Eat and enjoy! Keep stored in the freezer.

*other options: silicone ice-cube tray or mold

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