You know that feeling when your baby is first placed in your arms and you experience the overwhelming, heart-bursting love?  I fell in love with my kids all over again this weekend.   I discovered new personality traits, skills, fears and interests in each of them.  They really showed me how much they’ve grown and the character they’re developing.  Together we conquered something that, up until this stage, was near impossible: attending birthday parties. Today I’ve decided to share thoughts from an anchored mom.


My four children and I have never attended a birthday party together.  This weekend we hit up not one but two parties on the same day!  For me to take the kids by myself has always been MUCH MORE work than just about anything (aside from one adult taking four children under the age of four to a playground – we have yet to conquer that one…perhaps that will be next).  In the past, I’ve been too preoccupied with nursing to watch my two-year-old twins rummaging through someone’s purse, eating all food left unattended or trying to escape while my four-year-old is curiously exploring areas of the house where she is not supposed to be. Phew, I’m tired from just typing that.  The kids did great at both parties and although mom wasn’t able to socialize with more than a friendly ‘hello’, it was definitely a success!

We also attended the momstown community celebration event.  It was so much fun and extremely well-organized. The kids and I arrived at 9 a.m., enjoyed a picnic at lunch and went back inside until it ended at 4 p.m.  What a blast! Thank you to momstown and the vendors & sponsors for an amazing day and to glitterbug for sharing this event.

I watched one daughter’s eyes light up upon meeting a princess for the first time,  I overheard another questioning why the animals at the reptile exhibit weren’t in their natural habitat, I saw the joy written all over my other little girl’s face when her song came on the radio and we had an impromptu dance party and at bedtime I heard their prayers in a new way.

When I take my kids out I rarely have an agenda.  I abandon my expectations and in turn, avoid disappointment.  I consider it a bonus if I manage to knock some things off of my to-do list. If not, there is always tomorrow. I especially made an effort to hear them this weekend.  I focused on tuning in amongst the busyness of our daily life.  I also reminded myself they are only 9 months, two and four.  We lived in the moment and embraced spontaneity! Thank you Jesus for my four beautiful blessings!!

F at Pippa's Party
F at Pippa’s Party
Meeting Elsa at Pippa's Birthday Party
Meeting Elsa at Pippa’s Birthday Party
G ready to attend Hudson’s Birthday Party
Adelyn, Verity & Felicity
Playing with their loot bag items
Tent at momstown event
Tent at the momstown event
Enjoying one of the many booths at the momstown event
Enjoying one of the many booths


V enjoying making music
V enjoying making music
Visiting the reptile booth at the momstown event
Visiting the reptile display
Meeting Cinderella
Meeting Cinderella
V doing some colouring
V doing some colouring
G at the momstown event
My happy baby boy
We won a prize!
We won a prize!

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  1. Just wanted to drop a note that I found your blog through the Guest post you did for Diamonds in the Rough. Nice Blog you have here 🙂

    1. Hi Jen! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and say hello – that was really thoughtful of you. Enjoy your day 🙂

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